Manual Acquisition Help tool

Paste the data yourself and press the submit button.
Then you can see the response of Instagram Graph API, so you can handle detailed errors.
It is recommended to install Firefox Developer Edition or Chrome extension JsonVue for easier viewing of JSON.

For Auto Acquisition Tool

1. Get Access Token 2

Please fill out the form below based on the information obtained from

Copy “access_token”: “~~~~” and this is Access Token 2.

    access_token: "This is Access Token2",
    token_type: "bearer"

2. Get Instagram Management ID

Obtain Instagram Management ID by using Access Token 2.

    name: "XXXXXXXX",
    id: "This is Management ID"

3. Get Access Token 3

Get Access Token 3 and Instagram Page ID by using Access Token 2 and Instagram Management ID.

Copy Access Token 3 and Instagram Page ID.
Below, this is response sample.

    access_token: "This is Access Token3",
    category: "XXXXXXX",
    category_list: [
            id: "XXXXXXX",
            name: "XXXXXXX"
    name: "XXXXXXX",
    id: "This is Instagram Page ID",

4. Get Instagram Business Account ID

Copy “instagram_business_account”: “~~~~” and this is Instagram Business Account ID.

    instagram_business_account: {
        id: "This is Instagram Business Account"
    id: "XXXXXXXXX"

You can use Access Token 3 and Instagram Business Account ID to embed Instagram posts on your home page.

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